HOUSTON, Texas (November 1, 2021) – Hope Media Group announce the organization’s first faith-based, family-oriented, Spanish radio station, Vida Unida, will debut on 91.7FM on November 10, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. in Houston. This station will broadcast all music and programming in Spanish to serve the city’s growing Hispanic community.

“Our ministry could not be more excited to launch this new station for the Hispanic community, not only here in Houston but around the country,” shares Hope Media Group President & CEO, Joe Paulo. “We have been prayerfully considering ways to serve this growing community for years. Through extensive community and listener research, we are confident this new station will unite this new audience with God, their families and their community through music and programming created specifically for them.”

Influenced by Hispanic cultures within Houston, the station shares the same mission as KSBJ and the entire Hope Media Group, to be the voice of Hope connecting people more deeply with God. The frequency 91.7FM was the previous home of NGEN Radio, the ministry’s station targeted to today’s next generation. NGEN Radio is now available exclusively in the digital space online and through the free NGEN Radio mobile app.

“I am extremely proud to be part of this station,” said Vida Unida Program Director and Morning Show Host Sadiel Castro. “I’m confident this station will greatly impact the Hispanic community for the better as we all navigate the world we are living today.”

Senior Director of Content Shawn Farrington says, “Vida Unida isn’t just a radio station – it’s an idea. The very name means ‘Life Together’. We sincerely hope that this new brand not only unifies our community around Christ, but also unites families and individuals with God in Houston and beyond!” 

Listeners can tune in to 91.7FM on their radios in the Houston-area and other signals across southeast Texas, as well as stream the station from anywhere on VidaUnida.com, or the free Vida Unida mobile apps. For more information on Vida Unida, please visit www.VidaUnida.com.


About Vida Unida:

Vida Unida is part of Hope Media Group, a Houston-based, non-profit media organization that is a family of brands including KSBJ, NGEN Radio, Vida Unida, HOPE ON DEMAND, Special Events, and Amen: The Prayer App. Hope Media Group’s mission is to be the voice of Hope connecting people more deeply to God. Vida Unida, the organization’s first Spanish-speaking radio station broadcasting in Houston on 91.7FM and other signals across southeast Texas, and can be heard anywhere online at VidaUnida.com or through the free Vida Unida app beginning November 10. For more information, visit VidaUnida.com.

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